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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your questions.

Custom and pre-made covers are designed mainly with photo manipulation and compositing of stock photographs. I extract elements from different photos then I manipulate and blend them into a totally new picture. Because I rely on stock photography for my covers, it’s always possible another author may have the same photo utilized in their cover, but I always try to incorporate multiple elements into each cover in order to customize it as much as possible.

Yes, I offer a 10% discount for series cover designs (3 book minimum  to qualify for discount). You must notifiy me ahead of time that there will be subsequent covers in the series. Discounts do not apply to pre-made covers.

If you wish to cancel the project:

  • before I have started working on it, we can simply cancel it for a kill fee ($10 for premade covers and $25 for custom covers)
  • after I have started working on it, the kill fee is the deposit. I retain the right to use any drafts or materials of the project for another custom or premade cover.

After the delivery of the final files, there will be no refund whatsoever. If I cancel the project for any reason, I will let you know as soon as possible. If I have already started working on the project, I will allow any drafts or materials to be used by any other designer you will choose to continue with. It’s unlikely that I will cancel a project, unless there’s an urgent emergency, in which case I will let you know beforehand.

Yes! I source images from Depositphotos. You can send me links to images you feel match the vibe or the look of the model you’re going for. I can’t guarantee I can use the specific model (depends on several factors). If I can’t, I’ll find a comparable model.

For changes regarding the text, I won’t typically charge anything, but if you change the text multiple times, additional charges apply. In the case of art, if you want to change the art (whole image or details), additional costs apply depending on how extensive the requested changes might be. Contact me for details.

EBook covers are delivered as JPG files, 1600×2560 pixels, which is the standard Kindle size. If you need different sizes, please let me know at the start of the project. Printed book covers are delivered as PDF files, ready to be uploaded to Amazon KDP or other vendors. Add-ons are usually jpg or png files with transparent background.

I will do everything I can to accomodate specific requests, but I cannot guarantee all requests. If you have a request that involves a specific description of clothes, shoes, jewellery, facial expressions, etc., I might not be able to meet your request, and it may be better for you to contact a studio photographer who can set up a custom photoshoot.

You can purchase the eBook now and then contact me when you are ready for the extras.

It includes the front cover, the spine, and the back cover.

Not a problem. I’ll design the print cover based on the size you indicated on the order form, with an approximate page count. Once you have the exact page count, I’ll make any adjustments and will send you the printer-ready file.

No. The PSD file contains licensed material (stock photos from third parties that could be extracted from them) I can’t distribute those files because of licensing and copyright issues. Furthermore, even though you purchase that file, please note I still retain the copyright on the artwork so you’re not allowed to modify it or use for purposes other than a book cover.

Depending on the design, I may include a very basic logo for the series title. If you want something specific, you can purchase that as an add-on.

According to the international copyright laws, please understand that you are purchasing only the right to use the artwork as a book cover, not the copyright on the design itself, which remains mine. You can’t use the artwork for purposes other than a book cover, unless a fee is negotiated. If stock images have been used, after the payment the cover is yours to use under the stock photo provider’s standard license (for example see Upon request, I’ll provide a list of the photos I used and their IDs.

Please include “Cover design by Well Covered Books” on your copyright page.

After payment is made for a premade cover, turnaround is typically within 48 hours. For custom covers, we’ll discuss your timeline to ensure I have availability in my schedule. Once we settle on a timeline and the deposit is paid, I’ll add you to my calendar. You’ll receive the first draft of the design early in the determined week. If there are limited changes, delivery of final files is typically within the same week. If there are extensive changes, I’ll let you know how long it will take.

Once you submit the order form, I’ll contact you with any questions before sending the deposit or payment request. All payments are collected online. Invoices will be sent by More Than Media LLC.

All covers I design may be included in my portfolio or used to promote Well Covered Books.

I work with all genres, both non-fiction and fiction. If it’s something I’m not familiar with, the challenge helps bolster my creativity. If I determine I’m not the right designer after reviewing the creative brief, I will help you find another designer to meet your needs. 

Ideally, one month or more ahead. If you have an emergency project that you need to start immediately, you can still contact me so we can discuss, but whether I will take over the project or not will depend on my schedule at the time.

  • First we will get you scheduled on my calendar. I will then send you a questionnaire that you will need to fill out.
  • Shortly before I begin work on your cover, I will give you a heads up with any questions I may have and I will start working on the cover.
  • You should receive the first draft(s) two to three days after that. The first draft is usually a rough mockup of the idea, including the general setup, the main stocks, the main coloring and the typography. There’s usually no proper blending, painting or bought stocks on this.
  • Once I get your feedback, I will make any necessary changes until you are happy with the result. The number of revisions that is included in the base price is two for standard and four for premium. Any major changes after that will be charged extra, upon agreement. Small changes won’t require any extra fee.
  • When I get the green light from you to finalize, I will buy all stocks, do the proper blending/painting and add the final details. At this point I will send you the final invoice and after the payment is through I will send you all final, high resolution files.
  • My aim for you is to love the result, that’s why you will always be part of the process and we can discuss every little detail that you are concerned about.

Yes. In order to book a spot, you need to fill out the creative brief. In most cases, this document gives me all the info I need to start the design process. If I need some more info, I’ll contact you for clarification or a consultation.

There will always be a difference between art seen on the screen and on paper (when it’s printed) because ink can never reproduce screen colors 100%. Computer monitors and mobile screens give off a colored light known as RGB, while in printed materials the color model is known as CMYK (for colored ink). You shouldn’t expect to have a 100% color match in print because the screen displays many more colors than are available on a printing press. Considering the fact that more than 90% of book sales are in the eBook format, I make sure that the cover looks best on screen.

I can reserve a cover for you for up to 5 working days before payment is required. If the cover has not been purchased after 5 days, it will automatically be re-uploaded to the website and once again offered for sale.

Of course. Payment is required (and the invoice is sent) only after you approve the cover as it appears featuring your own information. However, please bear in mind that the files we send to you initially are LOW resolution files which show my watermark. Only after the payment has been completed will I send to you the final high-resolution files.

Of course, not a problem. You can email me the bar code and I can add it to your cover.

No. When you purchase a cover from me, it is removed from the website so that the same cover is NEVER sold twice.

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